no.mads-land (on the moon)

Daniel Curto-Millet

Civic tech platforms that enable citizens to participate in decision-making activities in their city are becoming more common. Yet, they still face many challenge.

In this article on, I argue that opening cities require developing an infrastructure to cultivate and nurture a participatory culture, something that open source has done for decades and which contributes to its sustainability.

#opensource #civictech #participation

I've written a short article with Roser Pujadas on the role of invisible infrastructure that Uber tries to create and how it affects our cities.

This is part of our larger work on the digital economy, of which you can find an academic article here.

My presentation for EGOS2020 in the sub-theme on 'Smart and Livable Cities (2): Urban Governance, Management, and Leadership'. This deck briefly describes part of my research on a crowdsourcing civic platform called 'Decide Madrid'.