Who is this

My research interest sits at the intersection between technology, organisation, and society. I'm particularly interested in digital technologies of participation such as open source, crowdsourcing platforms, and their organisation and societal impact.

Currently, I'm doing a post-doc (Marie Curie) at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). My project studies the sustainability of open source beyond the code. The rationale behind the project is that we have paid too close attention to the sustainability of the software behind open source, to the processes and practices of coding. We have been less attentive to the social and organisational aspects of open source once the code gets deployed, leaves the lab, and becomes as much part of our lives as the trees in the sidewalks or the traffic algorithms.

Now that open source is increasingly visible, that it is a forceful political actor in the way our lives and our societies are shaped, we should pay attention to the ways that its sustainability is organised. This is, in a nutshell, what my project is about.

If you're interested in catching up, then send me an email and we can talk over there, old style, or you can tweet at me as well (though I'm slowly distancing myself from the incessant chirping).